About us

Awesome Dose opened in Atlanta, Georgia in early 2013 and has provided client-focused design solutions and digital business growth consulting services to companies large and small, throughout the Southeast. If you have a project, let us help you find your answer.


  • Our design team focuses on creating highly intuitive, usable and impactful digital products and services, spanning web, mobile, and emerging platforms. From its inception, Awesome Dose has been a user-centric design firm. We've always put users first while focusing on simplicity. The boundary between physical and digital experiences is becoming cloudier all the time. Our increasingly digitized world is demanding simpler digital products and experiences, not more complicated ones.

    We bring a diverse group of professionals together, combining our shared passion for creating beautiful things that make the lives of users better. Through collaboration between technologists and writers, animators and user experience designers, graphic designers and programmers — the creative professionals at Awesome Dose solve problems in unexpected ways, always pushing the boundary of traditional narratives through cutting-edge technology.

  • Here at Awesome Dose, we combine classic brand strategy with digital strategy, data and user research to find a brand's true capability. Then we convert this capability into content, services and campaigns – creating and defining experiences that users will love. Today's consumers are becoming more active in their relationships with brands. Brands today need to recognize their customers as users instead of passive consumers of media. Awesome Dose has broadened the traditional branding framework of mission, vision and beliefs to include a brand's capability — what the brand must enable digitally for users.

    Marketing in the digital space means shifting from the traditional campaign-based model to a capability-based approach. Working across traditional and digital mediums, we help brands and business meet the unspoken needs of the user to drive value through participation and engagement. Businesses need to fulfill brand promises by delighting users with simple and functional campaigns and services. Our highly creative team at Awesome Dose designs beautiful digital experiences that bring value to the lives of users.

  • In the digital age, brands are becoming publishers. In collaboration with content strategists and social media experts, we help our clients engage their users by creating relevant and timely content initiatives, from strategy through execution. We help clients evolve into effective brand publishers, creating new ways for companies to reach and engage with their audiences.

    Creating great content is key to engaging users and shaping brands, but it can be a challenge to produce content that is timely, relevant and compelling. All the best brands say the right thing at the right time, coordinating their messages across channels to offer cohesive, on-brand content that is valuable to their audiences. The Content Strategy team members at Awesome Dose are experts in content management systems, editorial and media management. Combined, our services provide guidance and support throughout the launch of new websites or businesses, from initial strategy through content production and distribution. In doing so, we transform and strengthen marketing and communications operations, turning every client into an effective and consistent brand publisher.

  • Awesome Dose helps businesses grow their digital audience through both paid and natural search. We understand that technology, design, content and social considerations drive search performance and cultivate long-term consumer engagements.

    Our Search team evaluates the technical and coding approaches to a digital experience to ensure maximum search efficacy. We accomplish this through front-end code and an overall site architecture that is optimized for natural search. We provide keyword targeting recommendations based on user intent, competitive presence, content availability and search volume. To maximize site strength, our internal link mapping boosts priority keyword rankings and increases webpage authority. Through timely and effective indexation, we also make content recommendations based on consumer search trends, ensuring that content has an optimal chance to perform.


1Small Teams

At Awesome Dose, projects are handled by small interdisciplinary teams with big ideas. Each final project is a collaboration of the work of several highly skilled and specialized groups.

2Client Partners

Clients join the team to help us truly understand their business needs. Putting users first transforms client organizations and how we work together.


Our approach is simple but time-tested. After defining the client's needs and applying the best solution we put it through rigorous testing to ensure quality each and every time.

Why choose us?

24 x 7 Support

We are here around the clock to answer your questions and ensure we can support you with whatever may come up during the run of your project.

Well qualified

We've searched high and low for some of the best and brightest creatives and strategist in the world. Our team is definitely stacked, and that's a good thing.


Your deadlines are as important to us as they are to you. Our heavy use of milestones allows us to keep projects moving along until completion.


Simply put, we love all things creative. You could go anywhere for a run-of-the-mill solution for your project. We will offer an extra dose of awesome to whatever comes our way.


We are sort of like that "nice" kid in class that everyone got along with. We listen to our client's feedback and find ways to best implement them with our touch.


Although we are based in Atlanta, our integrated infrastructure allows us to continue to serve clients in every corner of the globe. We're global baby!

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